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is joining us now with what police are saying about the search and a person of interest now in the case. good morning, katie. >> reporter: police have arrested a man who is called a person of interest. he was last seen with coke's vehicle and credit cards. more on him in a moment. investigators have not said if he pointed them here to the fairgrounds or not. oakland detectives say he called is for detectives around 6:00. as darkness fell search and rescue teams combed an undeveloped area. oakland police say they are still treating this as a missing persons case. coke a federal investigator was seen sunday evening. coke's car, cell phone, and credit cards have been located but still no sign of the missing mother. investigators are not saying while they are searching an area that spans from interstate 80 to the city of vallejo. >> it was deemed that tonight we should start tonight to get it started. that this was made with the oakland investigators as well as our search and rescue personnel. >> search crews paused their efforts early this morning and will resume around 8:00 a.m.. oakland police
like it will stay south of us. for overall temperatures a little bit cooler today. some clouds and sun mostly low clouds there. afternoon breeze. definitely an on shore push today. highs today 60s and 70s. and also come 80s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. we are looking pretty good around the bay area. so far. as we look at interstate 880. it is a nice looking drive passing the coliseum with no major problems. also we look here at the commute on the bay bridge. it looks like some of the right lanes are a little crowded. otherwise we are doing pretty well. if you are driving out to the -- i think this is it. this is a look at traffic on the bridge. let's go back to the desk. >> we have continuing coverage of the rim fire burning near yosemite national park. right now the fire has destroyed nearly 144,000 acres and is only at 7% containment. almost 3500 fire personnel are also on the scene. 23 buildings have been lost but it's not clear how many of those are homes. >> this fire quickly spread into the subdivisions where the homes were. before we could get our engines and equipment
yesterday that included the use of chemical weapons. at least 100 people died. many of them women and children. the united nations would like its inspectors who are already in syria to investigate the claim. >> the team is in place. we hope they will be given access to the area by the government. >> now the syrian government calls claims it used chemical weapons baseless. that f the use of chemical weapons is used it will cause more pressure on the u.s.. >>> jury deliberations are expected to begin. hasan who was acting as his own attorney is sending only a single piece of evidence to the jury. an evaluation from his boss who called him a good soldier. the prosecution has submitted 700 pieces against hasan. hasan admitted to the shooting saying it was top protect muslims abroad. >>> we may know as soon as tomorrow if mayor bob filner will step down. he reached a tentative deal. the specifics of the deal have not been made public but will be presented to the council tomorrow. there is speculation that filner is clearing out his office. he was seen leaving city hall in an suv loaded
vegas but maybe a few in southern california. but for us we are between. a little bit warmer on the temps today. after yesterday's cool down. a lot of 70s inland. a little warmer. that wind is out of the west or southwest and northwest. it's a direction that comes off from the sea breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s. here is sal. >>> right now traffic is doing okay on 101. all northbound lanes of highway 101 and san mateo are open after a deadly accident overnight. the crash happened shortly before midnight on highway 101. chp says a pedestrian was on the road when she was hit and killed. officers say it's unclear why the person was on the highway. but officers say the driver who hit that person is cooperating. now in san rafael chp is trying to figure out what caused a van to lose control. driving across all lanes of highway 101 before crashing into a tree and power pole. the crash happened near 101. that is where we find ktvu tara moriarty who has the latest on that crash. tara, you just arrived. what is going on now? >> reporter: authorities are not sure exactly why the man veered
morning fire in china town. and tara joins us with the latest information. >> reporter: if you look here it looks like a souvenir shop went up. we're at grant and clay where the fire broke out after 3:00 this morning. the flames did not spread very far. it was contained to the front of the building. we spoke with the battalion chief and the reason for that was because there was a cement wall that pretty much ends after the damage. they had to evacuate the people in the building and knock the fire out within 20 minutes, everyone was allowed inside. they were able to knock the fire out quickly. we'll let you know what the arson investigator had to say. >>> and police are investigating a shooting. and we have information about a suspect vehicle. >> reporter: we're on delta fair boulevard and there is a final process of collecting evidence and there is glass on the street there. you can see shell casings being marked with evidence markers here on the street. this stretch is shut down and there are two crime scenes they were investigating, we know they are doing some interviews back at the po
. >> and firefighters in the bay area remain on high alert this morning. we join us live with the story. >> reporter: good morning. we're near martinez along highway 4. you can see it's windy and the grass is dry. and that combined with lightning risk has put much of the bay area under a high fire danger. let me show you video from overnight of a grass fire that shut down highway 4 around 9:30 last night. the fire charred about three acres. a car fire sparked the grass fire and no reports of injuries and they are still working to determine what caused that car fire. and the speed at which the car fire turned into a grass fire shows the high fire danger. in the latest statewide report, the agency said that the lightning sparked 40 new fires in a 24-hour period. there were 3400 stricks for the entire state of california. and the red flag warning for the bay never include the north bay areas and hills. and there's a risk of thunderstorms with dry lightning. live near martinez. >>> a huge wildfire on the outskirts of yosemite of national park has doubled in size and doubling every hour. it forced the hi
as you can see they are standing right next to us. talking about what happens next. a lot of foam and water. for the most part this fire is out. i want to bring in sheila. i'm sorry about the loss of your car. can you tell me what happened this morning as you woke up to the fire? >> reporter: well, let me start off when we came in, we came in at midnight when it was in good working condition and parked our car. and we got -- >> everything looked fine at midnight? >> everything looked fine. we went to sleep and someone was knocking on our door and woke up and like oh this is weird. who would knock on our door at this time? we got out and heard people screaming. i saw flames going up and that is when i woke up my husband. >> reporter: the whole carport was on fire. we talked to one of the neighbors that jumped into her car to save it. it appears it was on the far end. your car is where there is still flames that we can see. was your car completely engulfed by the time you got there? >> i didn't get the whole picture because everything was busting up. but everything was on fire. smok
and the man died on scene. [foreign language] >> reporter: one neighbor tells us he heard six to eight shots at 2:45 this morning. he had been sleeping and had just woken up to go to work. neighbors say they had often seen children playing in the home's front yard but don't know who the residents are. to give you an idea of where it happened we're just east of interstate 80 by the oakland airport. police have been going door to door asking neighbors what they saw or heard. we'll of course keep you updated on the police investigation but right now we don't know what the motive was here or if there is a suspect description. we did see some family members come out here. they were obviously quite emotional. they had said that they were the parents of the 20-year-old man and obviously just completely distraught. so we'll try to learn more information from you -- now this morning and bring it to you throughout the morning. we're live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time 4:31. other news this morning, this one is good. good news for commuters. a tentative deal that averted a
to use shins to shore up stabilizers and they would provide adequate seismic safety until a permanent fix is completed. could bode well for a labor day opening. another sign labor day may not be completely off the table, the chp last week started signing up staff members for extra round the clock overtime shifts just to be ready. the bay bridge oversight committee will be looking at the findings of the federal highway administration later on this week and make their decision on when the bridge will open. as we bring you out to a live picture, prep work continues. officials need to test the led lights and to do that later on tonight, all the lights will be turned on so the bulbs can be tested. they are so efficient, they only need to be replaced about every 10 to 15 years. the prep work continues here. after getting federal approval for the temporary fix for the broken bolts, the oversight committee will make a decision in the coming days potentially about when the new span will be opening. live this morning, alex savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> happening today in just 90 minutes, hundred
staged sit ins, the us condemned the violence urging the military government top show restraint. >>> they're headed to syria to see if chemical weapons had been used in the civil war there. the syrian government accepted arrangements for investigation. the reported use of the chemical weapons happened months ago. they doubt if they'll find anything. >>> test something on hold in one school district. >>> also a bay area police department turns to social media, it hopes to get some unsolved cases. >> the traffic is off to a good start today on this thursday if you look at the san mateo bridge, but we have fog to deal with. >> we have fog, and it's warm, and the temperature change, we're holding steady. >>> welcome back, 4:43 is the time right now. we're locking live at the crash scene from yesterday morning. federal investigators are trying to recover the flight data recorder from the us cargo plan that crashed outside of birmingham, alabama. we're looking live at the crash site. the investigators say they have little information to go on. there was no distress call before the plane went do
, crews still need to installth temporary fix to the faulty bolts. workers will also use the five day closure to align the bridge with the tunnel plus reroute and repave traffic lanes that connect to the new span -- that connect the new span to the toll plaza. >> get new people on -- get people on the new safe bridge. >> the three year demolition of the current bridge begins the very minute the new one opens. the new celebration will be much more low key. a bash costing upward of $5.6 million was originally approved but due to the recent delays, problems, and concern about public backlash that celebration is being scaled down. it will include a metal chain being cut by a blow torch. a larger public event could be held later on. stay with ktvu news and for continuing coverage of the new bay bridge. the work that still needs finishing, and the long awaited opening of the new eastern span. >>> 4:3835 is the time. new this morning there could be more violence today in egypt. the supporters are promising marchs nationwide. defieing the government's month long state of emergency. t
is supposed to arrive here on the scene to give us updated information and when we will get it, we will bring that to you. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is day two of the bay bridge closure and cal tran says work to get the new eastern span ready by tuesday is right on schedule. tara moriarty is joining us now from construction headquarters where officials say the worst of the traffic gridlock may be behind us. we'll see. tara. >> reporter: yeah. our fingers are definitely crossed. you know day one everybody was adjusting to the commute. now they know what to expect. also a lot of people because of the holiday may have taken some time off. so we may not see as many commuters out there on the road. last night our crews got a very close look at the massive project under way on the new eastern span. about 3,000 truckloads or 84 tons of ripped up asphalt will be carted off the bridge as 56 tons of new asphalt will be brought in to repave sections. new pavement will go in at the toll plaza. nearby a 1,000-foot stretch of the incline section of the old s
negotiations katie utehs joins us live. >> reporter: bart contends the distance between the two sides is based on money. contract negotiators called it quits around 7:00 last night. they are both heading home for the cooling off period. tom hawk is going home to cincinnati. >> we are not done. so you have to keep looking for ways to resolve it. like i said to someone earlier today i'm not happy leaving without a settlement. >> reporter: one union leader alleges hawk is the reason they haven't reached an agreement. >> they hired somebody that causes strikes. that is their negotiating tactic to put the pressure on the bay area. >> reporter: there has been some headway. bipartition general manager says they increased their payoff to a 10% payoff for four years. there has been some mention on pension contribution. at this point there has not been a date set for negotiations to resume. talks could start again later this week. coming up, the bart board has remained hands off so far but the rounds may change. live in the newsroom katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news . >> thank you. do you think the 60 day
. terry more yet joins us where the fire was reported just minutes ago. >> those flames were shooting about 25 feet high through the roof. we were speaking to a woman who was distraught on the sidewalk. her brother may be inside the house even though the home was abandoned. she was concerned that she might be inside there. they found no one inside after the search. the fire broke out here on the 1200 block of 15th avenue just before 3:00 this morning. it went to a second alarm. nearly 40 firefighters here on scene. they did an aggressive i there are attack and poked a hole through the roof. several neighbors called 911. a young girl living next door woke up to a bright light near the window. the flames came dangerousery -- dangerously close and called 911. they say homeless people frequently crash there. one woman said her brother would light a bunch of candles there and they're trying to figure out what sparked this fire and we'll keep you updated. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the massive wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park. it's burned 161,000 acres. 450
what is happening? the layer of warm air up above us is compressing the air. especially coast side and right around the bay. away from this inland temperatures have been trending up and we are expecting warm upper 10:s. could be flirting with 90 degrees. for the coast this morning dense fog. especially driving highway 1. right around the bay still fog a factor this morning. increasing sunshine this afternoon. temperatures back up into the 70s. inland neighborhoods this morning partly cloudy skies. here we go with the warmup with the readings around 85 and 90. these numbers about the same as yesterday. could be just a little cooler in a few spots. livermore 88 degrees. san francisco 69. dense fog for pacifica. forecast high of 63. coming up we will take a look at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. but sal is standing by. he has an update on the last morning commute on the existing bay bridge. good morning, sal. >> it's one of those things it might get a little clamped. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge the last one as you dry up to treasure island. a li
. in about an hour and a half, crews are going to be taking us out near the toll plaza to get a firsthand look at construction so we'll be sure to share that with you a little later this morning. right now we'll check in with christian captain who is at a bart station to let us know how the commute is going to be shaping up for riders this morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you might imagine, a lot of activity where you are. a lot more commuters are expected to rely on bart to get in and out of san francisco. tbhear walnut creek, one of the -- we're in walnut creek, one of the stations that will be operating around the clock. all 14 bart stations will be open 24 hours a day till monday. there will be no bart service between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. on tuesday, the day the bridge is scheduled to reopen. bart is also running longer trains in anticipation of extra passengers. the transit agency will likely be carrying in and out of san francisco. all of this means that bart parking lots will likely be filling up earlier than usual so it pays to get to your station early. we will be taking bart
. last night's show is pushed far enough away from us that there's fog. however now that it's there, it could bring in showers. still the red flag warning out. dry lightning we call it. the bay had a downpour overnight as well, down towards a few areas picked up measurable rain. most of it was a good lightning show. that will continue but it pushes away north to us. so fog, sun, cloud, mostly sunny for a while. it will not be as hot as yesterday. that's for sure. if you didn't have the cloud cover, temperatures rocketed up. there's a good sea breeze out towards travis. we're not done yet. 60s for many. hot down in the desert. expect that the lightning will redevelop up in the sierra again. 60 on the temps. cooler than yesterday. and a lot of the moisture will continue to move out of the area towards men did mendocino county. highs today, 90s inland. 60s and 70s closer to the coast and the bay. >> 4:31 is the time right now this morning. police in san jose are looking for suspects in a shooting at a vietnamese restaurant. one person was killed, two others wounded. jeanine joins us fr
developments of the threat of al-qaeda. the department says all u.s. citizens in yemin should leaf immediately because of an extremely high security threat level. u.s. intelligence officials says the shut down of embassies in the middle east and africa was triggered by al-qaeda. reportedly the communication between the two men indicated they wanted to quote do something big before the end of the muslim holy month which is tomorrow. >>> airports around the world report all flights back on schedule this morning. that's after the reservation system went down for about three hours overnight. more than 300 airlines handle the systems. travelers were told the system was down but didn't get much information. one traveler tried to keep it all in perspective. >> bad news is i'm not going to be where i need to be when i need to be there. >> some airlines could check in passengers manually. some missed their connecting flights. >> new york yankees super star a rod got a chilling introductory in the windy city last night. he got booed and took the field just hours after major league baseball suspended him
an yay -- eye on that for fairfield. finally moving in around the cape and that could give us interesting developments, the days are long and we get some instability. some sun, more sun to the south. a mild muggy pattern and it's not tropical but there's a lot of moisture in the air. the humidity is up. we'll see some 70s in areas that should be warmer kind of mild with this humidity in the area. it does look quieter for the weekend. >>> thank you. 4:39, southern colorado trying to dry out this morning after that. heavy rain flooded play your roads and briefly shut down two highways yesterday. some places got nearly 2" of rain in just 2 hours. >> coming up. an amber alert for a missing teenager has been extended. the desperate search for the girl after her mother was killed. >>> we know that buying a house is expensive, but an there's a city where the average price is a million dollars could be some thunderstorm activity, highs in the 80s. >>> police in oakland are investigating two separate shootings last night, in all three were wounded in the gunfire. the latest happened on
. they lost 45%. u.s. airways stock dropped 13 percent. >>> several new gun control bills are making their way through the state legislature in sacramento. if they are passed, california would have the toughest gun laws in the country. gun control advocates faced off against gun right supporters on the issue of public safety. the committee approved a package of bills that would ban all semi automatic rifles. >>> this morning a federal appeals court in san francisco will hear arguments on california's ban on selling shark fins. two asian american groups are challenging the ban. they say the sharks are caught humanely and all parts of the shark are used. >>> time now 4:4. today marks the first day of classes for the fall semester at city college in san francisco. the school says eligible course credits are guaranteed to count toward degrees or certificates and can transfer to most four year colleges. the accrediting commission for community and junior colleges is threatening to revoke the accreditation. but they just sent that panel a warning letter after finding the commission violated four req
. >>> they have banned firefighters from using helmet cameras. one fire truck ran over and killed the 16-year-old passenger in the chaotic moments after the crash. the chief says it's an issue of firefighter and victim privacy. it has sparked a debate with firefighters across the country. >> the chief has to be sensitive about what they let their employees do because they can be liability. >>> they are now considering their next move in a contract dispute poot many commuters thought were settled. the union is representing 800 transit workers. the union workers include bus drivers, dispatchers and clerical workers. the vote is at 256 yes, and 576 no. >> a pretty strong no vote. >> what does that say. >> it means we want something better. >> are you willing to strike for it? >> i'm willing to do what the union does. >> they'll meet soon to review their options. >>> east bay commuters remember how ac transit helped thousands of people getting across the pay, there's still a threat of another bart shut down in october. bart and its union has not had any contract talks since a judge ordered a cool
uncertain about what would happen or get where they had to go using some other form of transportation. ferries would be running. there would be a lot of car pooling and rely and with running this morning. and it would be easier to get into work. >> it's not happening i hope they work it out. >> i don't know why they waited to negotiate and let three weeks pass and try to surge through it i'm happy it is running today. that woman said she was making plans to car pool to get into san francisco where she works. but she doesn't have to do that. she is able to take the train that is less of a hassle. commuters pleased that the system is up and running but we're hearing frustration on the part of some riders. alex savage,. >> and we spoke with the lieutenant governor after the news broke that he aletterred a strike. he had little to say publicly for now. >> when you make a commitment not to have a conversation and happy to do just not at this moment. and i appreciate you tracking me down. i want to keep that commitment. >>> the man who replaced him as the mayor issued a statement. he praise
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